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Tennessee Musky Pre-Season Package

We here at TVMA enjoy the luxury of loving our labor every single day of the year. Throw a dart at a calendar and I guarantee you no matter what date you hit, you can fish here and have a more than legitimate shot in the ring with a heavy hitter, and with us in your corner, there’s no doubt you can go 9 rounds with a trophy.

April-June: 2 anglers/3 Full Days for $1000

Big things come in small packages…
Really big… Like 50″ big.

From April 1st to June 30th, we’re offering a 3 day package for 2 anglers for just $1000 on the barrel head. These are full dawn till dusk, no holds bar days (and possibly then some) on the water.

While each season carries its perks, we find the budding of spring into the first humid breaths of lush Tennessee summers more enchanting than any. During the winter, we often catch ourselves gazing at the verdant conifers lining our shores, “pining” for the first blossoms to bloom and frogs to chorus…and the timely interruption of nature’s symphony by a thrashing headshake.

We literally get giddy as a baby in a swing every spring for some of the best pre-season trophy musky fishing of the year and we want to share it with you for a limited time discount.

Every year, this time frame puts a lot of giant fish into picture frames for ourselves and our clients, and rest assured 2016 will be no exception. For those of you hailing from the wild pristine north, there is no better overture to your musky season than down here amidst the hills of Appalachia. You can not only get your palate whet on some trophy musky water, but already tally a few notches on your belt before your comrades back home can even wet their lines.

But it’s not just about taking home memories and photographic mementos. We here at TVMA pride ourselves in having one of the most diverse and eclectic musky habitats on the planet as our playground, and thus we get to see how these predators react to countless variables on a daily basis. You’ll not only get to hook Giants here, but we’ll use our 72 hours with you to flood your mind with new tactics, ideas, and more importantly, new ways of problem solving on any water you choose to pursue muskies in.


For those who tuned into our red carpet premiere on Musky Hunter Television’s 2016 season, we filmed that segment smack dab in the middle of this blitz. For those who haven’t? Guess what, it’s available in full digital glory at www.muskyhuntercatalog.com/index.php and watch us land one of largest muskies ever caught on film south of the Great Lakes!

Email us at tvmainfo@gmail.com to secure your date.

Don’t be shy. Come on down. The water will be just fine.

Your hosts, Cory Allen, and Jake Priegel


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