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Formally established in January 2007, was created for like-minded anglers to share the wealth of information, and enjoy the beauty in diverse fishing. This greatness as we presently know it is multi-species fishing.

Since our inception, we have attracted several thousands of visitors who read and browse on a monthly basis. In addition, we have reached yearly website page views of 5 million, and our homepage receives approximately half a million visits per each calendar year.

Among Google and other popular search engines, when searching for “Multi Species Fishing”  and other related keywords, we are ranked among the top ten of all searches. This proves how we are continuously growing, and becoming more popular in the realm of sport fishing.


Why partner with Fishing-Headquarters:


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Our website visitors and subscribers are active readers. We do not allow spam, false advertising, and illegitimate members. All pages, information, members, website statistics, and content of this website is true to form, and not deceptive or misleading.

Our readers and subscribers are courteous and receptive. Everyone is here for the educational experience, to network, and to further promote fishing and products.

Although we are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, we are not a Chicago-based website nor do we focus on Chicago fishing opportunities. We exclusively cater to the multi-species angler and offer something for everyone. Against the competition, we offer more content, media, and enjoyment to the every-day angler and visitor.

We strive on giving our visitors an excellent and clean visual and digital media experience through the aesthetics of professional website design.

We are the ONLY website in the large market and geographic region to offer online fishing videos and a bi-monthly digital magazine publication. These showcase our exploits and experiences for the fishing that occurs during the published months, and as we experience them. We are proud of these facets, our identity, and unique accomplishments.

Unlike all the other fishing websites in our regional market, we allow and encourage the promotion of third-party websites, personal home-pages, blogs, posted links, and referrals. We do not censor any information whatsoever due to the courtesy and respect of our members and contributors. If we did such a thing, then what’s the purpose of educating ourselves and free information exchange?

We offer exclusive client advertising opportunities for the following areas of our website and its productions: Homepage; Full and half page spreads in online magazine; Video spots, television, and commercials for our produced online videos; Fishing reports and personality endorsements; Writers and bloggers; Articles and gear reviews; Facebook and Twitter promotions and giveaways; Tournament endorsements; Tradeshows.


In today’s struggling economy and business world, the decisions on where to utilize advertising dollars are becoming more stressful and difficult. By partnering with, you will maximize your exposure because due to our location in a large market viewership area. Thus it will be simple for consumers and visitors to find your product.

It is important to take note that when advertising on, we offer only single invoice, single payment opportunities with the agreement for one full calendar year (365 days). Our goal is to help promote and market your business through advertising and endorsing your products through individual use. Through these contributions, proceeds will be invested into the expansion and marketing for this website.

All advertising rates are negotiable, and banner placement and size dimensions are entirely up to the discretion of our website designers and where space is available. Advertisers are responsible for submitting their banner versions and graphics to be used for advertising.

Advertisements are available on several locations and pages of this website. Areas that receive the most daily traffic are the homepage, discussion boards, blogs, and digital magazine. Our website-based advertising will offer your business prime exposure that will be seen consistently throughout the year.

We thank you for your interest in advertising and working with us. In order to get in touch with ownership, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Additional Information:


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Fishing-Headquarters believes that in order to continue growing the sport of fishing, all fishing related entities must work together. Our obligation to every advertising partner and business is that it is not what you can do for us, but what we can do for you to help improve your business. Let us help you so that together we can feed our angling fire together.

We will stay in contact with your company to stay abreast of new products, additions to pro staffs, industry news, etc. and make sure we highlight them in a positive and forthright manner. We believe we can build the fishing community by including reputable companies, offering programs that show immediate return on investment and drive consumers to your brand. Competitive advantage is never compromised and confidentiality is always maintained.

Fishing-Headquarters focuses on educating and entertaining readers and viewers through quality articles, photography, reviews and videos. We not only showcase multi-species fishing and techniques, but we do our best to review all the new fishing tackle each year so you have a good resource for what’s good that’s new out in the fishing tackle industry. We’ll stay on top of the latest fishing trends, the latest in tackle and technology advancements and share our on-the-water experience through articles and videos. We plan our articles around the seasonal patterns to the best of our abilities.

Our official website resume is available for download. It lists our vital statistics as an organization, and explains our capabilities and expectations as an advertising and promotional partner, and everything that we can offer for your business. Six different advertising and sponsorship plans are also listed.

  • Please contact us for your copy.

If more information is needed, publishes a Media Kit that is available for use. By downloading a copy for your own use, you will see all that we are capable of doing for ourselves and your business.

  • Please contact us for your media kit download.


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