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Chatterbait FREEDOM is Released at Bassmasters Classic

The product of collaboration between Z Man and Freedom Tackle, the Z-Man Freedom Chatterbait offers improved snag-resistance and a free-swinging action that flat-out catches. Utilizing Z Man’s patented blade attachment design, the Z Man Freedom Chatterbait delivers unmatched vibration and an erratic movement that is on a whole-new level.

LADSON, SC — Z-Man Fishing Products, maker of The Original ChatterBait brand bladed swim jigs and 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics, is pleased to introduce the ChatterBait Freedom vibrating jig as a new addition to its ever-evolving lineup at the 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic. Widely regarded as the ‘Super Bowl of bass fishing,’ the event will take place March 4-6 on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The ChatterBait Freedom launch is the culmination of a product partnership between Z-Man and Canada-based
Freedom Tackle Corp. that merges Z-Man’s patented head-to-blade connection with Freedom Tackle’s interchangeable, swinging-hook design made possible by the company’s proprietary internal connection. The result is an all-new bladed jig that allows for easy hook changes, infinite lure customization and snag-free fishing. As important, the new product launch showcases the sharing of advancements and intellectual property between two tackle companies that also share the common goal of providing anglers with a unique—and genuinely better—product offering.

“We’ve been prototyping and testing bladed jigs with swinging hooks for several years now, and the best design we’ve found—bar none—is Freedom Tackle’s interchangeable hook design because it not only allows for easy customization and weedless rigging, but prevents fouling altogether,” states Z-Man President, Daniel Nussbaum. “While other companies in the industry seem intent on copying and working around the intellectual property of others, we felt that we could provide anglers with the best product possible by partnering with another innovator like Freedom.”

And, the top brass at Freedom Tackle Corp. share in Nussbaum’s excitement.

“For years, we’ve been asked by customers to create a vibrating jig with our advanced interchangeable hook design to complement our successful lineup,” remarks Michael Tamburro, Freedom’s CEO and founder. “Instead of building our own lure that lacked the direct head-to-blade connection that makes ChatterBait brand bladed jigs so effective, we chose to partner with the leader in this bait category.”

Heralded by its ability to produce an erractic crankbait action, jig profile, and enticing spinnerbait flash—all in a single, easy-to-use bait—Z-Man’s patented bladed swim jig design is umatched in the industry and has arguably accounted for more bass tournament winnings in the last 10 years than any other lure. The addition of Freedom’s swinging hook design enables soft plastic trailers to be Texas rigged so that they exhibit an exceptionally free, natural, and weedless swimming action, and the industry-first internal hook connection elimintates fouling and allows for quick and easy hook changes. Each ChatterBait Freedom lure is constructed with an extra-strong quick clip for increased durability and a skirt that rides on the neck of a 5/0 VMC X Long Wide Gap hook, and pairs perfectly with a variety of ElaZtech baits, including RaZor ShadZ™, DieZel MinnowZ™, Grass KickerZ™, StreakZ™ and more.


  • WEIGHTS 3/8 OZ AND 1/2 OZ
  • White, Chartreuse/White, Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Bluegill, Threadfin Shad

In addition to the companies responsible for making the bait a reality, top tournament anglers are eagerly awaiting the product release, as well.

“The ChatterBait Freedom bladed jig is a very unique bait that is sure to become a ‘must-have’ for every serious bass angler,” declares Jared Lintner, Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Freedom Tackle pro-staffer. “The ability to customize a vibrating jig with the precise hook size most suitable for a particular trailer takes an already incredible bait to an entirely new level. It’s amazing to think that, with one bait, anglers now have the ‘freedom’ to fish trailers or varying sizes, either Texas-rigged or open hooked, depending on the conditions they’re faced with. It’s definitely going to be an integral part of my arsenal during the 2016 Elite season and beyond.”

Reiterating Lintner’s enthusiasm, fellow Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Z-Man pro Stephen Browning adds, “The versatility of the new ChatterBait Freedom bladed swim jig will give me extreme peace of mind and confidence, knowing that I can fish in the thickest cover without getting snagged or foul hooked. Bottom line: I’ll be able to present it where others wouldn’t imagine, resulting in more opportunities to catch fish—and cash checks!”



602570_389874067728055_44388428_nAbout Freedom Tackle Corp

Freedom Tackle Corp. is committed to providing anglers with cutting edge technology. We strive to improve the accuracy and efficency of anglers without restricting their freedom to customize. Think of our products as tools that enhance the systems you already fish with. We pride ourselves in each and every product we produce, which is why every product we sell is unique to the industry and truly one of kind. How will you fish with Freedom? Create & Conquer.


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