Lifeproof Phone Cases, The Worst Product I’ve Ever Bought

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99% of the product reviews I write and make video of are done in a positive and forthright manner. Occasionally I get dealt with a bad hand, which is really unfortunate. If it led to a poor fishing and outdoors experience, or somehow hurt me, I’ll also make sure you never buy them and make the same mistakes I did.

Lifeproof is the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent.

Here’s my mistake.

People need to realize this is nothing more than an $80 rubber band that will eventually wreck your expensive phone.

I purchased the Lifeproof NUUD phone case in January, 2015 for my Iphone 5S. After a full year on the water [and without problems], I had a bad experience with the product on a Florida beach in May of 2016. Apparently waterproof, I found out my Lifeproof case wasn’t any longer when moisture and condensation somehow seeped through the rubber seal. Without insurance, and a meaningless warranty, my phone was wrecked from damage that the Lifeproof Case couldn’t prevent.

I cannot recommend this waterproof iPhone case because it simply isn’t waterproof no matter what you will think of it. Marketed for its ruggedness and outdoor-friendly use through all that advertising is a misleading tactic.


When I contacted Lifeproof on May 10, 2016

To whom it may concern,

I have been a lifeproof customer since January 2015, when I purchased a NUUD case for my Iphone 5s. Being an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, and water sports enthusiast, my phone is with me near water every week and never in it. A combination of the lifeproof case and lifejacket floatie made sense for me for my iphone protection. One year, four months later, and warranty no longer valid, an issue with my NUUD case occurred last week thus destroying my expensive phone.

During the week of May 2 thru 9, I was on vacation in South Florida, spending time on the beach. While wading the saltwater in less than knee-deep depths, my phone was kept in my swim shorts pocket, protected from the elements and “waterproof” as it’s advertised, and as I had believed.

On day-3 of vacation, phone was working fine during the morning. But then midday a strong thunderstorm bringing a downpour of rain with high humidity came, forcing me to run from the beach. After returning to the safety of shore, it was noticed condensation and small droplets of water somehow penetrated through my lifeproof case and its housing, entering into the phone. It was humid and very wet outside, but not once was my phone submerged into the ocean.

My phone then fried, and completely shut down. Unable to recover, it no longer works. I didn’t think this was supposed to happen.

My Iphone has never been submerged into water, and because of my phone frying from humidity and condensation that wasn’t protected by the lifeproof case, I am no longer confident that I can be a continued customer and purchase a new lifeproof case for my replacement Iphone.

These electronic devices are expensive investments. I hope whatever my next phone case will be can better protect my next investment, and I perhaps use better judgment to never keep a telephone near water ever again. I’m sad to report this product I used had failed, and now I am out $500 thanks to having to purchase a new phone.

I look forward to possibly speaking with representatives who would be interested in hearing about my product complaint and story to help understand and better improve the product so this may never happen to other customers as well.

Lifeproof didn’t have the courage to speak with me directly after submitting this claim and voicing my displeasure. The best they could do was regurgitate their standard policy like they do for everyone they let down.

When I responded to Lifeproof later that day on May 10, 2016

Hello, I wasn’t specifically requesting for warranty service, as I’m not even sure I can be a customer beyond this point and put my trust into lifeproof products. I originally purchased a product that wasn’t supposed to fail me and other customers in my current position so royally and miserably. Like 95% of the majority posters commenting on LifeProof’s facebook page, I voiced my displeasure by e-mail over a product whose original purposes and functionality failed in protecting an expensive investment. Perhaps I’ll contribute my viewpoints and user experiences further to the public with them.

Absolutely nowhere on the lifeproof website and packaging materials does it inform the customer with directions or disclaimers that meticulous care and attention to detail is needed to ensure success with the product.

A 1 year warranty defeats the purpose of something named “life proof”. What’s to be expected beyond this one year manufacturer’s policy and the guarantee tried to be advertised? Expectations to break? Any defect will ultimately destroy the electronic device it’s to be protecting. Being that any phone user hopes his/her phone lasts for the duration (life) of a cellular contract, shouldn’t that be lifeproof’s similar mission in phone protection also?

Completely disappointed, lifeproof will not be getting another penny from me, nor any positive feedback.



Sarah didn’t get back to me.

I don’t think they care to improve their product so these things don’t continue happening.

They don’t care. They’ll still make money.

What’s the point of a warranty for this product if any failure of it will guarantee in a trashed and destroyed phone?

After spending $500 out of pocket to replace my phone, I soon found out that I was one of several hundred (maybe thousands) customers whose phone couldn’t be protected by Lifeproof products.

Lifeproof customers must be very careful with the yellow seal/pad located within the charging port. Users have complained it likes to fall out when the latch is opened up for phone charging. Could this missing piece have led to my phone’s demise and a very expensive product failure?

A tiny little yellow foam piece that keeps the moisture and water out? What the hell kind of a cheap design is that.

Don’t be like me, and make the mistakes I did.

Be smart, look no further than the hundreds of negative reviews posted on LIFEPROOF FACEBOOK PAGE

Lots of pissed off customers there. And on Amazon too.

Don’t buy a Lifeproof product for your phone. Never bring your phone anywhere near water or in high humidity. Please use better judgment than I did so your special smart phone doesn’t become Lifeless.


Shout-out to the best video review I found for this product. Don’t know the guy, but his assessment sums it up perfectly.

And I nominate the 2016 Darwin Award to this former Lifeproof Customer. His assessment is entertainment.



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